Glycol Ethers

Butyl Diglycol (Bdg)

Used in the manufacture of veneers and as a constituent of foam agents in printer’s ink.

Butyl Glycol (Bg)

Used as a surfactant in paints, varnishes, acrylic resins, leathers and cosmetics.

Pg Monomethyl Ether (Pm)

Provides good solvency in nitrocellulose and polyurethane applications, and used in acrylic, epoxy and alkyd polyesters, paints, inks and wood dyes.

Ethyl Diglycol (Edg)

Used as a drying inhibitor in cellulose derivative, epoxy and polyester resin-based covering systems and in water-based systems.

Ethyl Glycol (Eg)

Used as an antifreeze to dissolve epoxy resins and natural resin.



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